Keynote Session / Tuesday / September 10, 2024 / 8:00 AM

Customer Engagement Key to Building Shoe Empire

Customer engagement and satisfaction is key in building a female-run shoe empire. Founder and CEO of Charleston Shoe Company, Neely Woodson Powell, launched the company 27 years ago. Through numerous setbacks and even one pandemic, Neely was able to expand her retail empire to include over 20 stores across the country. In her inspiring presentation, Neely will share how keeping customers at the forefront of her vision and providing ‘shoe joy’ has led to the success of the iconic national brand of versatile and fashionable footwear.

CX INNOVATORS PODCAST: Charleston Shoe Company founder talks customer engagement


Neely Powell | CEO & Founder | Charleston Shoe Company
As founder and CEO of the now iconic national footwear brand Charleston Shoe Company, Neely Powell is the mind behind the ever-growing retail brand. Since opening the first store about 25 years ago in Savannah, they have expanded nationwide to dozens of major cities. Charleston Shoe Company’s unique features consist of their treaded soles, elastic straps, washability, and bold designs, which has earned the company a loyal following across the country. Their shoes have been sold in more than 800 boutiques across the U.S., which highlights the mass appeal of their footwear.