Bank Customer Experience Summit keynote to address how to gather actionable customer data

12 MAY 2023

One of the biggest challenges for any business is how do to understand its customers and how to act on that knowledge. The keynote address for the Bank Customer Experience Summit, held from Sept. 12 to 13 in Charlotte, North Carolina, will address this question.

How AREA15 leverages data to lift the customer experience

9 MAY 2023

Mark Stutzman, chief technology officer of AREA15 in Las Vegas, will speak on ‘Leveraging Data to Improve the Customer Experience and Journey’ at the Interactive Customer Experience Summit on Sept. 12, 2023 in Charlotte. Stutzman explains the technique and power of crafting experiences for AREA15 visitors.

ICXA announces 2023 Elevate Awards

26 APR 2023

Nominations are open for the 2023 Elevate Awards, including companies across all industries and of all sizes. Elevate Awards winners will be announced and celebrated during a ceremony held September 11-13, 2023, in Charlotte, NC, at the seventh annual ICX Summit.

ICX Summit celebrates 7th year with September event

18 APR 2023

The Interactive Customer Experience Summit, which is celebrating its seventh year, is a dual event in 2023 featuring the Bank Customer Experience Summit.

Bank Customer Experience Summit to join forces with ICX Summit in 2023

31 JAN 2023

2023 will be a big year for the Bank Customer Experience Summit, which gathers bankers, self-service vendors and fintechs to network and discuss banking trends. This year, the summit will be combined with the ICX Summit from Sept. 12 to 13 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The challenges of new technology

10 AUG 2022

Deploying technology brings a host of challenges, from what to invest in and how to get staff to embrace the new tools.

Build it or buy? Debating best approach to customer service platforms

7 JUL 2022

Brands often grapple with a difficult decision — whether to build their own interactive system or hit the market and buy one. It was the topic of discussion at the June 3 general session “Build It Or Buy It? What You Should Consider First” at the ICX Association Summit in Columbus, Ohio.

Video: ICX Summit Highlights, June 1-3, 2022

1 JUL 2022

The annual Interactive Customer Experience Summit was held Jun 1-3 at the Hilton Columbus at Easton in Columbus, Ohio. Check out the video highlights!

How retailers can eliminate friction in customer experience

30 JUN 2022

The pressure to make purchasing easy and quick has never been more intense and that’s why retailers need to remove friction from the customer journey.

Indiana Pacers trust data to deliver best customer experience

10 JUN 2022

Taylor Bloom and Sydney Lesko, both with Pacers Sports & Entertainment, kicked off a full-day of sessions at the Interactive Customer Experience Summit with “How the Indiana Pacers Scored Big with Automation and Data-Driven Decision-Making” on June 2 at the Hilton Easton hotel in Columbus, Ohio.

AI and where it stands in the retail industry

9 JUN 2022

While the use of artificial intelligence has grown throughout several industries in recent years, there is still a great deal of mystery surrounding AI. This was the focus of the breakout session “AI and Machine Learning: Where Are We Now?” at the ICX Summit at the Hilton Easton hotel in Columbus, Ohio on June 2.

Attendees, sponsors process learning, engagement at ICX Summit

6 JUN 2022

The Summit, held at the Hilton Columbus at Easton, gave attendees a chance to see hands-on demonstrations on customer experience technology developed by the Summit sponsors.

ICXA honors 2022 Elevate Award winners at annual Summit

2 JUN 2022

ICXA honors 10 Elevate Award winners at the 2022 Interactive Customer Experience Summit in Columbus, Ohio.

ICX keynote: Lean on quality employees to innovate, grow

2 JUN 2022

“Get your house in order.” That was Andrew Laudato’s opening message at the Interactive Customer Experience Summit Wednesday at the Hilton at Easton hotel in Columbus, Ohio. Laudato, EVP and COO of The Vitamin Shoppe, provided the opening keynote, ‘Fostering Innovation: How to Create an Environment Where Innovation Thrives.’