Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit will be co-located with the Bank Customer Experience (BCX) Summit. Below is a combined agenda for the two events.

Attendees are welcome to participate in any session on this agenda.


Full combined agenda for ICX Summit & BCX Summit


| Registration and Tech Pavilion Open

| Offsite Event

Customer Experience Tours

Join us as we explore retail locations in Charlotte that offer state-of-the-art customer experiences.

  • Tour 1: Honeywell’s Customer Experience Center (CXC) Honeywell’s Customer Experience Center (CXC) truly demonstrates everything that Honeywell has to offer – by really showing their many solutions in action. With a full spectrum of immersive and interactive technologies, their CXC utilizes the Hyro platform to show Honeywells numerous ‘invisible’ products in action. It makes the unseen, truly visible. 


Tours will depart at 12:45 p.m. Please meet near registration no later than 12:40 p.m.

| Exhibits

Tech Pavilion

Spend some time in our tech pavilion, where you'll learn about products and services dedicated to improving your company's operations.

| Welcome & Opening Remarks

| Opening Keynote

On the Record with Gen Z Employees

Most retailers aren’t going to run their businesses without a little help from Gen Z, and this generation is quite different than all of those who came before them.

This live focus group will feature teenagers discussing not only favorite brands and buying habits, but also what they are looking for in employment opportunities and future careers.

| Networking Event

Opening Reception

Get to know the other attendees during our cocktail hour which includes live music and appetizers.


| Registration & Breakfast

| Keynote Session

Customer Engagement Key to Building Shoe Empire

Customer engagement and satisfaction is key in building a female-run shoe empire. Founder and CEO of Charleston Shoe Company, Neely Woodson Powell, launched the company 27 years ago. Through numerous setbacks and even one pandemic, Neely was able to expand her retail empire to include over 20 stores across the country. In her inspiring presentation, Neely will share how keeping customers at the forefront of her vision and providing ‘shoe joy’ has led to the success of the iconic national brand of versatile and fashionable footwear.

CX INNOVATORS PODCAST: Charleston Shoe Company founder talks customer engagement

Keynote Speaker:
  • Neely Powell | CEO & Founder | Charleston Shoe Company

Keynote Speaker
Neely Powell
CEO & Founder
Charleston Shoe Company

| Tech Pavilion Break

| ICX Summit

Hands Off: Autonomous Stores Are Here to Stay

As consumers become more comfortable with human-free stores, such as Amazon Go’s Walk Out technology, retailers are implementing autonomous stores to cut wait times and shrinkage while also optimizing labor, improving inventory control and boosting growth and profitability.

It’s not an easy transformation, however, and many fail when leadership doesn’t account for technology readiness or have an understanding of demographic factors that may stand in the way of successes. They may even fear security breaches, losing control and eliminating the human touch.

This session teaches retailers how to stay relevant by meeting customer demands and transforming and generating higher profits.

  • Ankur Garg | Sr. Technical Business Development Leader | Amazon Just Walk Out
  • Lovell Holloway | General Manager | Kansas City International Airport

| BCX Summit

Avoiding the Pitfalls in Customer Experience Transformations

We have witnessed accelerating changes in the financial retail banking marketplace, ranging from the renewed importance of immersive physical experiences to AI, to name just a few. Learn from leading financial institutions about the pitfalls to avoid during your current or upcoming retail transformation.

To get a small taste of what the panelists will discuss, check out this Q&A with the panelists.

  • Marbue Brown | Founder | The Customer Obsession Advantage
  • Stephen Griffin | SVP, Branch & ATM Distribution Planning | Regions Bank
  • Chris Manske | SVP, Director of Retail Network Management | U.S. Bank

  • Jean-Pierre Lacroix | President | SLD

Sponsored by SLD

| Tech Pavilion Break

| ICX Summit

Listen Up: Tapping Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business

This panel discussion will focus on how to collect and use customer feedback to improve your business. Panelists will discuss the different ways to collect feedback from customers, and how to use that feedback to make meaningful changes to your products, services, and operations.

  • Eric Knott | Chief Operating Officer | PDQ Restaurants
  • Robin Robison | Chief Operating Officer | Modern Restaurant Concepts

| BCX Summit

Using Financial Education as a Marketing, Engagement Tool

Consumers don’t go to bank branches for basic services anymore. Instead, their primary motive is guidance for big financial decisions, such as mortgages, car loans and retirement. As a result, banks have rethought their branch strategies to accommodate more financial education.

In this panel, experts will share tactics to create an impactful financial education program for both regular customers and the financially underserved.

  • Alicia Moore | Head of US ATM Product | Visa Global ATM
  • Milissa Tarquini | Head of CX, Design, and Innovation | Truist
  • Namrata Yadav | Academy Executive for Community Advancement | Bank of America

| Tech Pavilion Break

| ICX Summit

Ensuring a Safer Retail Experience for Associates and Shoppers

Retail associate safety is a critical focus for retailers given the rise of safety incidents in stores in 2023 and this year. A recent study reveals two out of three associates are somewhat concerned for their personal safety at work.

Discover what retailers can do to alleviate and eliminate the safety concern and take the safety worry off both the associate’s mind and store management's minds. One strategy is technology that can make both store workers and managers better aware of safety threats, identify illicit shopper behavior, and communicate quickly before an incident occurs

| BCX Summit

Ideas and Innovation for a Better Retail Banking Experience

Retail banking is in a flux state, as some banks have cut back on branches, while others are expanding branch presence. Meanwhile, there is a major push to transform branches from transactional spaces to ones that primarily offer financial advice. But how can banks create these new and improved retail banking spaces?

Panelists will share insight into practical ideas that can deliver innovative experiences.

  • Michelle Kile | Vice President, Branch Services | DCU - Digital Federal Credit Union
  • Prakash Paudel | Head of Transaction Banking Sales & Business | Global IME Bank
  • Vikas Srivastava | Vice President Design Lead | Fifth Third Bank
  • Marsha Womack | First Vice President, Director of Retail Banking | Citizens Trust Bank

  • Declan McCormack | Client Leader | BDHP

Sponsored by BHDP Architecture

| Lunch & Learn

Session Topic – Coming Soon!

Sponsored by DPL

| ICX Summit

Delivering an Exceptional Online Shopping Experience

Consumers love shopping online but providing a seamless rewarding online shopping journey is a complex and challenging strategy. In this panel, e-commerce experts and online retail leaders will share insight on best practices touching on a wide range of do's and dont's. 

| BCX Summit

Why Banks Are Finally Embracing Interactive Digital Signage

Bank branches are experiencing a major period of innovation and adjustment. As banks reconsider their branch strategies, one technology they are relying on more is interactive digital signage. With digital signage, banks can provide useful information and help guide customers to the right place and person to see.

| Tech Pavilion Break

| ICX Summit

The Rise of the Virtual Avatar and Other Autonomous Tools

AI is a big deal, but many often only consider Generative AI leaving behind other tools that should be considered. For example, we are beginning to see the rise of the virtual avatar which can answer customer questions and form a virtual connection with customers.

There are also other autonomous tools on the horizon which will revolutionize decisioning, data management and much more. This panel will help you fill your digital toolbox. 

| BCX Summit

How to Meet Banking Regulations While Delivering Impactful CX

Banks have to comply with a variety of regulations, including anti-money laundering and “know your customer” laws. However, regulatory concerns can often impact adoption of better customer experience initiatives.

Experts will address how banks can balance KYC regulations while improving the customer experience. 

  • Richard Rotondo | VP-Digital Banking Manager | American Commerce Bank-Monesty

Sponsored by CI&T

| Tech Pavilion Break

| ICX Summit

Going, Going, Gone Digital...and Back Again: Using Social to Fuel CX Awesomeness

Retail isn't happening in physical stores or online anymore. It's happening everywhere – social media channels (TikTok being the latest) and now it's popping up via kiosks and the good old app.

But what if we told you it's not about either online or in-store? It's about creating a seamless omnichannel experience that leverages the power of social media to drive traffic and engagement in your restaurant or store. Experts in this panel reveal how they attract their customers both virtually and in person.

  • Rachel Smith | Vice President of Marketing | Sky Zone

| BCX Summit

Fortressing the Future: A Security Strategy for Banking Executives

In today's evolving digital landscape, cyber threats pose a significant risk to the financial services industry. This session is designed for banking executives who want to bolster their institution's security posture.

Through interactive discussions and real-world case studies, attendees will gain insights into the cyber threats targeting banks and best practices for fortifying defenses, including network segmentation, data encryption and multi-factor authentication. They'll learn how to develop a plan for security breaches to minimize damage and ensure swift recovery while exploring security trends and technologies to help stay proactive in the fight against cybercrime.

| Tech Pavilion Break

| General Session

Prove Your Case!

Operators hear pitches all the time about products and services that will grow their business, but where’s the proof? We’ve got it right here.

This session includes four 15-minute presentations, each featuring one vendor and one operator sharing the how, when and ROI behind recent rollouts.

Sponsored by Redial

| Awards Presentation

Elevate & BCX Awards

Help us honor several retailers and vendors that have created or implemented technologies that elevate the customer experience.

BCX Awards

The BCX Awards honor the most unique, innovative and pioneering financial institutions and technology providers whose branches and technologies are having the most impact on consumers.


Elevate Awards

The ICX Association Elevate Awards honor the individuals and organizations that are pacesetters in using technology to elevate the customer experience.


  • Cherryh Cansler | Vice President of Events | Networld Media Group
  • Bradley Cooper | Editor | ATM Marketplace

| Networking Event

Cocktail Reception & Dinner Party

Join us for an evening of cocktails and dinner at Mimosa Grill. Located in the heart of Uptown Charlotte, Mimosa Grill offers fine, Southern cuisine in a casually sophisticated ambiance. Executive Chef Thomas Marlow, has created a seasonal menu that features a "farm to plate" signature style by using only the best of locally raised and grown ingredients.

The restaurant is a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Free to all attendees, speakers and sponsors.


| Breakfast

| Keynote Session

Unleashing the Retail Social Beast: Content & CX Strategies That Bite

In her dynamic keynote, Regina DeMars, director of Content Marketing & Social Media of the First National Bank of Omaha, unveils cutting-edge strategies for turning clicks into customers. Learn from real-life case studies showcasing how:

  • Compelling content fuels sales: Discover how targeted content drives leads and conversions across diverse business segments.
  • Unboxing experiences ignite engagement: Dive into the art of creating unforgettable brand interactions using "Unboxing Concepts".
  • TikTok & Social Engagement boost local businesses: See how a "Be Kind" campaign used social media to create cost-effective, interactive experiences.
  • Turning reviews into raving fans: Learn how responding to reviews builds brand trust and customer satisfaction.

Walk away with actionable tips and tricks to:

  • Craft content that captivates your audience.
  • Leverage social media platforms for maximum impact.
  • Create unforgettable customer experiences.
  • Build brand loyalty and drive sales.
Keynote Speaker:
  • Regina DeMars | Director of Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy | First National Bank of Omaha

Keynote Speaker
Regina DeMars
Director of Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy
First National Bank of Omaha

| Tech Pavilion Break

| General Session

Building Customer Loyalty with Rewards That Matter

A majority of customers want loyalty programs that give them tangible rewards for shopping. However, not every industry has been as quick to adopt loyalty programs.

This panel of experts  will discuss how to effectively deploy a loyalty program and provide rewards that build customer loyalty across all channels.

  • Christine Johnson | Chief Operating Officer | Le Duff America
  • Alex Preece | Co-Founder & CEO | Tillo
  • Darren Spicer | Co-Founder & CEO | Clutch Coffee

| Tech Pavilion Break

| General Session

Balancing Human Touch and AI

AI is the hottest topic in nearly every industry from banking to restaurants, but concerns over accuracy, labor issues and data security are also top of mind. Truly innovative companies, however, know they must embrace AI while keeping the human touch.

In this panel, bankers, retailers and restaurants will offer tactics on balancing AI adoption with the human element.

  • Marbue Brown | Founder | The Customer Obsession Advantage
  • Chris King | CEO | Monster Entertainment
  • Daniel Parker | Technical Services Manager | Kodak Moments

| Lunch & Learn

Session Topic – Coming Soon!

| General Session

How to Make Your Store Welcoming for All Customers

This panel discussion will focus on how to create a more inclusive customer experience. Panelists will discuss the importance of inclusivity, and how brands can make their stores more welcoming for all customers, regardless of their background.

| Tech Pavilion Break

| General Session

CX Roundtable: Executive Predictions

As we wrap up the Summit, this heavy-hitter panel of industry thought leaders will comment on a variety of topics when it comes to improving the customer experience.

  • Erin Cohee | VP of Digital Customer Experience | OneUnited Bank
  • Mike Rotondo | CEO | Indoor Active Brands

| Summits adjourn

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