ICX Summit / Tuesday / September 12, 2023 / 9:15 AM

Cutting the Hard and Soft Costs of Delivery

Retailers that don't offer delivery are missing a huge chunk of business, but the costs and operational challenges often associated with the service can deter even the most innovative businesses. This session will explore how to not only keep costs down but how to add delivery without totally reinventing the operations model.


Chimene Mayne Ross | President & Chief Customer Officer | The Killer Brownie Company
Chimene Mayne-Ross is not only building a killer brand, she's reinventing the brownie category. As President of The Killer Brownie® Company, Chimene led the brand's increase of annual sales by 1900% since 2013. Their signature product — a layered, caramel-stuffed, gourmet brownie — was born in the bakery of her family's specialty grocery chain in Ohio. It quickly grew a cult following, inspiring them to open a wholesale company and sell the gourmet brownie nationwide. Killer Brownie offers a variety of flavors for retail and Foodservice. "We're elevating what customer's expect from a brownie experience," says Chimene, "and we're just getting started." To learn more about this iconic gourmet brownie, visit KillerBrownie.com.