BCX Summit / Wednesday / September 13, 2023 / 1:00 PM

Bringing Hospitality Back to Banking

Brick-and-mortar banks aren't exactly known for providing the most consumer-friendly experiences, but some companies are trying to change that by implementing more user-friendly onboarding programs while also pairing client satisfaction and business development objectives together. This panel of experts discusses how they've recently rolled out new directives to help customers feel more at homes in their banks.


Robyn Breshears | Executive Director of Sales Service & Support | Arvest Bank
Robyn Breshears is the Executive Director of Sales Service and Support at Arvest Bank. She and her teams support 220 branches within the Arvest network by managing sales, products, services, and associate development for the Arvest Bank retail support system. Robyn is passionate about leading and mentoring associates to help them achieve their career goals. She’s instrumental in working with retail teams to delight and exceed customer expectations. When not at work, Robyn finds joy in spending time with her family and friends, riding motorcycles, caring for her parents and playing with grandchildren.
Marbue Brown | Founder | The Customer Obsession Advantage
Marbue Brown is the author of the book Blueprint for Customer Obsession and founder of The Customer Obsession Advantage, a firm dedicated to helping companies achieve extraordinary business results through Customer Obsession. He is an accomplished customer experience (CX) executive with a track record of thought leadership and signature business results at some of the most iconic companies on the planet, including JP Morgan Chase, Amazon.com, Microsoft Corporation, and Cisco Systems. Marbue's book, Blueprint for Customer Obsession, was featured in the Forbes article The Top Ten Business Books for 2022 by Shep Hyken. He co-authored oft-cited classic articles about customer experience measurements. His expertise has been featured on some of the largest radio stations and networks across the country as well as on some of the most widely distributed syndicated radio programs, including The Wharton Business Daily, This Morning with Gordon Deal and America in the Morning with John Trout.
Mike Parisi | EVP, Chief Banking Officer | Ledyard National Bank
William Sullivan IV | VP, Sr. Client Experience Manager | Cambridge Trust

Evan Ellis | Enterprise Account Executive (Banks) | Creatio
Since childhood, Evan Ellis has been passionate about technology and seamlessly integrated this love into his sales profession. With 13+ years in the tech industry, his current focus at Creatio is empowering Banks with their One platform to automate banking workflows and CRM with no-code. He finds true purpose in assisting clients to overcome challenges and pain points through innovative technological solutions like Creatio. When not working with banking thought leaders, you can find him boating/fishing out on the ocean with his wife (Bree) and two daughters, Ozzie (2) and Zadie (7 going on 17). He also enjoys building things (furniture), watching/playing any sport, and being outdoors.
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