General Session / Tuesday / September 10, 2024 / 4:30 PM

Prove Your Case!

Operators hear pitches all the time about products and services that will grow their business, but where’s the proof? We’ve got it right here.

This session includes four 15-minute presentations, each featuring one vendor and one operator sharing the how, when and ROI behind recent rollouts.


Michelle Castillo | Executive Vice President of Operations | Redial BPO
Michelle Castillo, Executive Vice President of Operations at Redial BPO, is a seasoned executive specializing in business strategy and fiscal responsibility. With a talent for quickly assessing business situations and crafting clear, effective solutions, she has successfully managed both large- and small-scale projects, consistently aiming for excellence and success. During her tenure at KGB (Knowledge Generation Bureau), Michelle's outstanding performance earned her successive promotions, culminating in the role of Chief Operating Officer. She led key initiatives in Customer Experience, Learning and Development, Client Services, Quality Assurance, and Workforce Management across 11 global locations. Her strategic training programs resulted in a 40% reduction in attrition and a 200% increase in revenue within a year. Michelle also spearheaded a startup lending initiative in the UK, leveraging her entrepreneurial spirit to disrupt the traditional financial services model.
Elder Gonzalez | Vice President of Client Services | Redial BPO
Elder Gonzalez boasts over a decade of management experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Before joining Redial BPO as VP of Client Services, he led Quality Assurance for a major U.S. telecommunications provider. In his recent roles, Elder collaborates with site managers to establish succession plans, maintain multiple client relationships, and serve as the primary communication point between client representatives and companies. His expertise spans various industries, including hospitality, financial services, wireless, video streaming, retail, and storage. Elder's focus on operational excellence and client satisfaction drives him to work closely with the operations team to meet or exceed revenue and gross profit objectives, ensuring the delivery of high-quality BPO solutions tailored to client needs.
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