General Session / Wednesday / September 11, 2024 / 10:45 AM

Balancing Human Touch and AI

AI is the hottest topic in nearly every industry from banking to restaurants, but concerns over accuracy, labor issues and data security are also top of mind. Truly innovative companies, however, know they must embrace AI while keeping the human touch.

In this panel, bankers, retailers and restaurants will offer tactics on balancing AI adoption with the human element.


Marbue Brown | Founder | The Customer Obsession Advantage
Marbue Brown is the author of the book Blueprint for Customer Obsession and founder of The Customer Obsession Advantage, a firm dedicated to helping companies achieve extraordinary business results through Customer Obsession. He is an accomplished customer experience (CX) executive with a track record of thought leadership and signature business results at some of the most iconic companies on the planet, including JP Morgan Chase,, Microsoft Corporation, and Cisco Systems. Marbue's book, Blueprint for Customer Obsession, was featured in the Forbes article The Top Ten Business Books for 2022 by Shep Hyken. He co-authored oft-cited classic articles about customer experience measurements. His expertise has been featured on some of the largest radio stations and networks across the country as well as on some of the most widely distributed syndicated radio programs, including The Wharton Business Daily, This Morning with Gordon Deal and America in the Morning with John Trout.
Chris King | CEO | Monster Entertainment
Daniel Parker | Technical Services Manager | Kodak Moments
Daniel Parker has driven technology enhancements and efficiencies with a spirit for innovation as Technical Services Manager with over 20 years of experience. The experience has been in both the Retail and Travel and Leisure space including Theme Parks, Cruise Lines, Resorts, and destinations. He has successfully implemented AI in the Service and Operational environments reducing downtime, increasing efficiency, and creating a better customer experience. He has also, designed and implemented a full suite of Centralized Remote Monitoring and reporting tools to greatly reduce field issues and increase productivity.