Forget the bank. Welcome to the store.

FRIDAY / JUNE 3, 2016 / 11:00 AM


Forget the bank. Welcome to the store.

Just as people no longer shop or dine out the way they used to, people are banking in whole new ways. Online and mobile avenues have had tremendous impact on the banking industry and consumers now expect 24/7 access to service and advice. The bank branch of the future must adjust to meet these new demands. RBC’s latest bank branches take their cues from retail stores with an open concept that incorporates digital experiences and moves the employees from behind the counter to the floor where they can interact and assist customers. More than an interior design project, RBC transformed the overall client and employee experience. Alan Depencier, VP of Marketing, will share RBC’s omni-channel journey to present the customer with a consistent experience that brings its “advice” brand value proposition to life.


Alan Depencier | Vice President of Marketing| RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)

Alan Depencier is Vice President of Marketing for RBC’s personal and commercial businesses including personal banking, cards and payment solutions, personal financing products, business financial services, investments as well as insurance. In his role, he is responsible for brand strategy, advertising, direct marketing, social media, sponsorships and agency management. Alan has led several key transformational initiatives including RBC’s new retail and merchandising strategy as well as the multi-channel CRM strategy. He has a diverse background spanning 20 years which includes consumer package goods marketing, leading the growth of a start-up venture, and various leadership roles within financial services at RBC on both sides of the border.

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