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Equipping Your Employees with Tech Tools to Deliver a Great CX

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Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit 2019 will feature a breakout session titled “Equipping Your Employees with Tech Tools to Deliver a Great CX” We asked the panelists for that session to answer this question:

What kinds of technologies are employees being equipped with that are taking the customer experience to the next level?

Timothy Embretson
Senior Director, Retail & Services UX, Activation & Selling Tools
Best Buy

I believe that an amazing customer experience is not possible without, first, an amazing employee experience. The foundation to delivering that is not a specific technology, software approach, or tablet or mobile device. It is driving empathy with the pain points of employees and mapping out strategies to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

This is achieved through developing an employee user research practice and getting that team into the field talking to all types of employees as often as possible. Without this approach you run the risk of implementing solutions that will fall flat with your employees.

Delivering solutions that work for the employees and will supplement their interactions with customers will do nothing but dramatically improve the customer experience.

Robert Hill
Director of Software
Galaxy Theatres

Some of the technologies that our employees are being equipped with to help take the customer experience to the next level are new mobile apps and devices to help manage the customer experience. This way if there is an issue or a refund that needs to take place the managers and employees can take care of the guests immediately as opposed to making them wait or directing them to another area of the building to have their issue resolved.

Another key aspect is making sure that all current technology being utilized by employees is kept up to date. Making sure that the hardware and software being used is fast and reliable is critical to taking customer/guest interactions to the next level and ensure a positive experience.

Rachel Layton
VP of Marketing + Growth
Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

While there is a myriad of metrics to gauge the success of a mobile loyalty program, there are three key KPIs that must be analyzed. Enrollment rate, frequency and spend. The ability to drive a healthy loyalty program rests on the ability to enroll guests and keep them engaged. This must be done by effectively communicating the value proposition to the consumers considering the loyalty program fatigue that exists today, as well as crew members that may be tasked with enrolling the consumers. A successful member count will also fuel a substantial sample size for mining consumer data (the real capital of a loyalty program) which should be used to improve the loyalty program and inform universal business decisions.

The loyalty program should also serve to encourage a behavioral shift to drive incremental frequency and spend. A baseline should be measured in order to gauge the increase in these two metrics. Ideally, this can be tracked down to the individual level in order to identify consumer behavior before joining the program and after joining the program. Metrics demonstrating the behavioral differences between members and non-members should also be tracked as the delta between the two serves as a strong case for the value of the program.

Experiencing success in these metrics serve as the recipe for a strong and motivating mobile loyalty program

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