Customer-Facing Robots

The idea of robots has fascinated the public since they were dreamed up by science fiction writers decades ago. Today, science fiction is fast becoming reality. From Pepper, the human-like robot, to Lowe’s “LoweBot,” it’s becoming increasingly likely you’ll see a robot at a store near you. While existing online, chatbots are going mainstream. Of course the mention of robots and automation cause concern over the loss of jobs. Are robots ready for prime time? Is the public ready to accept them?


David DiMeo | Co-founder | Robo Retail

David DiMeo is a smart creative, who recently left a Fortune 500 company to start a new business that is focused on a future where machine meets the customer. David has spent the last two decades working within the automotive industry on Connected Cars and the Internet of Things (IoT). In his last position as Director of the Innovation Lab at FordDirect, David was responsible for futuring on how the connected car and other emerging technologies would impact the way that people shopped for and used their vehicles while helping the OEM and dealers improve their business by applying these capabilities in a useful and novel way. This work cultivated opportunities around the personified vehicle, virtual sales agents, social media, mixed reality and retail robots. In this work, David realized that today people struggle to understand how to use technology to resolve their needs, but very soon, technology will be able to master natural language and other aspects of artificial intelligence to the point where they can understand us and adapt to our needs. This retail AI will eventually know all about us and be smart enough to identify products and services that we need before we even begin searching for them. This “Predictive Personalization” will revolutionize retail as we know it and its impact will be profound. In his new role at Robo Retail, David is focused on helping companies win at retail by applying these advanced methods in a way that provides experiences their customers love and generate economic value for the business.

Sarah Furnari | VP, Retail Experience | BEHR

As Vice President of Retail Experience for Masco Architectural Coatings, Sarah Furnari leads strategy and operations for the BEHR and KILZ brands in-store. In 2015, her team launched a new Color Solutions Center to help consumers more easily find their perfect color. Their next goal is to inspire confidence and fun in the color selection process through an enhanced in-store experience. Sarah has been with Masco since 2005, and prior to that, held roles as a Formulator, Process Engineer, Raw Materials Buyer and Product Manager for The Sherwin-Williams Company.

Ken Moy | VP – Subway Digital | Subway

Ken Moy is Vice President of Digital at Subway restaurants were he leads the company’s omni-channel, innovation and partnership priorities. Prior to his current role, Mr. Moy was Co-Head of Subway Digital where he led the formation of the Subway Digital business unit and the execution of the restaurant’s web, mobile app, loyalty, and payment efforts around the world. Prior to Subway, Mr. Moy served as Senior Vice President at MasterCard where he led the firm’s advanced technology and partnership efforts to drive digital commerce. Mr. Moy also held a range of senior management roles in finance, product development, and innovation with Citibank and JP Morgan Chase. Mr. Moy holds a BA in Sociology & Psychology, and a MS in Business Management from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.


Kass Dawson | Head of Marketing and Communications | SoftBank Robotics

Kass Dawson is the Global Head of Marketing Communications at SoftBank Robotics, engaging in the development and execution of effective strategic and tactical plans for external and internal communications. He works in conjunction with SoftBank partners to ensure that communications strategies, messages and executions are aligned with brand and business priorities. Before SoftBank Robotics, Dawson worked at Facebook as the Global Head of Vertical Marketing for the automotive industry, where he drove the company’s strategic vision to maximize automotive business around the world. Before Facebook, Dawson has held a variety of roles within manufacturing and technology leaders like Mercedes-Benz and Jumpstart Automotive Group.

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