Build a Loyalty Program that Actually Creates Loyalty

The best rewards programs are the ones that actually impact loyalty rather than simply giving products away or discounts to customers who otherwise wouldn’t come back. Ultimately, your loyalty program has to add value — to the customer and to the company’s bottom line. Customers are members of dozens of programs, but only active in a few. Simple wins the day. So what technologies can you implement to make your rewards program the one they keep?


Kevin Lee | CEO | Sushiyaa

Kevin Lee has over a decade of experience conceptualizing mere ideas into business models and launching new brands and expanding concepts. He is a lifestyle brand and small business development leader and currently leading Sushiyaa Franchising to re-identify the value of the concept. As part of this initiative, the company implemented a third-party customer loyalty program and signed up more than 10,000 members within a five-month period. He also helped build the delivery platform with nearly no investment by leveraging ‘passing tipping point’ technologies. After seven months of its launch, it has reached over 3.5% of the total sales.

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