BREAKOUT 1 (ICX) / THURSDAY / JUNE 6, 2019 / 9:30 AM

Turning Data into Dollars Through Personalization

While 86% of consumers like to exercise data protection rights, more than half (56%) value personalized offers in the retail shopping experience, according to recent Oracle Retail research.

Therein lies the rub: how do we give customers control over their data while working to earn their trust so that we can provide them with personalized offers? And how do we translate what we know about a customer online to the offline world?


Amit Bhardwaj | Former VP, Customer Experience | Fred’s

Amit Bhardwaj is the former Vice President of Customer Experience and Enterprise Analytics for Fred’s. He helped Fred’s find & build AI-driven solutions for targeted digital marketing and personalization across social & digital channels. He was previously with Shop Your Way, Sears loyalty platform that has over 50 M members and with Marsh where he led the implementation of the first ever ibeacon platform for location-based marketing Amit thrives on improving customer experience taking advantage of exciting new developments in AI, marketing technology and digital landscape.

David Coulson | VP of Innovation | Tandem Theory

David Coulson is the Head of Innovation for Tandem Theory, an integrated, data sciences based agency in Addison, TX. A huge analytics and loyalty marketing geek, he has built best in class loyalty programs for some of the world’s top brands as well as the platforms, apps or engagements rooted in personalization that continue to increase their lifetime value with fans. Some of his past and present clients include Starbuck’s, Panera, Rent A Center, Domino’s, MGRMI, American Express, and PepsiCo. He’s an influential, creative, make-it-happen marketing leader with deep consumer and technology experience that truly loves helping brands exceed their consumer’s expectations while growing their digital footprint.

Adam Pierno | AVP Marketing Strategy | Arizona State University

Teacher. Mentor. Strategist. Innovator. Author. All are terms you could use to identify Adam Pierno. The highly caffeinated Adam has refined a simple methodology to build precise strategies for numerous client campaigns. As AVP of Marketing Strategy at Arizona State University’s Enterprise Marketing Hub, Adam leads affinity platforms, brand partnerships and media. He has written two books on marketing. His first book, “Under Think It” is used to teach strategy at universities, global agencies and Fortune 100 companies. His new book, “Specific” demonstrates a model that today’s brands can use to grow in an absence of viable mass media.n!


Christopher Hall | Managing Director | ICX Association

Christopher Hall is Managing Director of ICX Association. Prior to this position he was managing editor of content for B2B publisher Networld Media Group, and the editor of, the leading news portal for the digital signage industry, covering digital out of-home advertising, digital billboards, experiential digital branding and digital signage hardware, software and displays. An award-winning former newspaper reporter and magazine writer, Christopher is a five-year veteran of the digital signage and kiosk industries who has consulted for and spoken on the digital signage industry sector-wide.

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