BREAKOUT 2 (ICX) / WEDNESDAY / JUNE 5, 2019 / 4:00 PM

How to Work With (And Stand out On) Third-Party Ordering & Delivery Platforms

Customers have embraced delivery due to its convenience and the desire to take the stress of driving and shopping out of their lives.

And while initially concerning due to the fees, some restaurants have likened third-party ordering platforms to being part of a ‘digital food court’ and say it introduces their brand to customers who wouldn’t normally dine there.

Working with these third-party providers can bring challenges, such delegating brand representation to delivery drivers and integration with ordering systems. As the trend appears here to stay, learn how to embrace the movement and form partnerships for the last-mile delivery with a crowdsourced workforce.


Laura Rea Dickey | CEO | Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants

Laura Rea Dickey currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. Laura served as the Chief Information Officer for eight years, and made the transition to CEO after excelling in her previous role. She has worked in the marketing and information technology field for over 15 years, and has led the marketing, IT and training departments at Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. during her time there. After graduating from Texas Christian University in 2001, Dickey went on to work at agencies such as Murray Brown Creative Group and The Richards Group. Laura’s specialty is the intersection of technology and marketing, turning data insights into brand and business solutions.

Douglas Kwong | Director of eCommerce & Digital Marketing | Pei Wei

Douglas Kwong is the Director of eCommerce and Digital Media at Pei Wei Asian Kitchen, where he oversees eCommerce, media, and the loyalty program. Since joining the company in October of 2017, he has nearly doubled eCommerce revenue, and launched Pei Wei’s direct delivery platform and grew awareness through marketplace inclusion by establishing partnerships with third party delivery service providers. He was previously at Cicis Pizza, and had launched various online customer platforms as part of the company’s re-brand. Prior to joining Cicis, Douglas devised and executed online initiatives to grow exposure and e-commerce revenue at global hospitality organizations Hilton Worldwide and Choice Hotels International.


Christopher Ager | Head of Restaurant Operations | Uber Eats

Christopher Ager is Head of Restaurant Operations for Uber Eats for US & Canada, where Uber partners with over 100,000 restaurants. He’s focused on empowering restaurants to grow their businesses through off-premise sales, utilizing Uber’s extensive logistics network and technology capabilities. Chris started his career in restaurants at the age of 14, and he’s been worked with them in a number of capacities throughout his career, including back-of-house and front-of-house roles, concept development, finance, and B2B software. Chris holds degrees from the Culinary Institute of America, Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, and Harvard Business School.

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