BREAKOUT 2 (ICX) / WEDNESDAY / JUNE 5, 2019 / 2:30 PM

Give Your Brand a Boost with Pop-Up Shops

One of the hot trends in retail for the last few years has been temporary installations in the form of pop-up shops, mobile retail and “stores within a store.” Pop-up retail has given e-commerce only brands an opportunity to offer a physical experience and brick & mortar brands the chance to test new markets, products and formats.

The scarcity and limited-time nature of pop-up outlets can drive demand. Restaurants are getting in the act too with food trucks. Many use digital technologies for branding, expediting the sale or extending the selection. This session will offer examples and advice on how to do it right.


Carter Jensen | Retail Innovation | Latitude

Energized by the always-changing landscape of retail technology, Carter Jensen is driven to help client’s ‘see around corners’ and lead brands to innovative success. Starting with an early focus in experiential marketing, his drive for technology and innovation soon lead to breakout work for a variety of brands, including Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Target and Best Buy. Today, Carter leads the technology team at Latitude, specializing in the rapid development of products and strategies aimed at enhancing customer experiences for the world’s largest brands.

Jared Stabiner | Strategy Consultant | NEXT/NOW

Jared Stabiner is a Strategy Consultant at NEXT/NOW, helping implement digital interactive and immersive experiences like VR, AR, projection mapping, LED Walls and more across numerous physical environments like pop ups and retail. Jared most recently worked with startup Tactify, a company with a focus in the mobile technology world, specifically providing NFC, RFID and Augmented Reality products for experiential activations and events. In addition to solidifying a partnership with Shazam, he has worked with clients such as AMC Entertainment, Red Bull, New Balance, and Bud Light. Before that, Stabiner was at VL Group, a music technology and licensing company, connecting brands with music, artists and bands in the marketing space.


Dan South | President | Walls+Forms

Flexibility and modularity have been Dan South’s manta for over 35 years, it started soon after Ohio University’s Graduate Program, in 1979. He started his journey as a Territory Sales Manager with McGill and proceeded to USG/ Masonite Corporation in 1983. Sensing the market was in need of a modular perimeter slat wall system, Dan co-founded Walls+Forms, Inc, in 1984, a Canadian and USA manufacturer. In 1994, he launched, the first POPUP and Seasonal Store Fixture Designs at the ICSC Temporary Tenant Conference in New Orleans. Now, in 2019, Dan along with designers, Dennis Torres and Jason Hernandez are introducing W+F’ s new PopUps Systems that meet the needs of the new market.

Dennis Torres | General Manager | Walls+Forms

Dennis Torres brings 20+ years’ experience and insight for display systems and solutions for temporary and permanent sets. His unique path and perspective are driven from the many years of experience he gained from the events and convention industry. His role as senior designer in his early years awarded him the opportunity to research and develop temporary display sets that could be installed and merchandised quickly and easily across North America and the Caribbean. After 10+ years in this industry, he teamed up with Walls+Forms, who was a leading innovator in pop-up display solutions to further develop their existing systems.

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