BREAKOUT 1 (ICX) / WEDNESDAY / JUNE 5, 2019 / 4:00 PM

Emphasis on Experimentation

“You aren’t always going to get it right, but you’ve got to be out there trying things and really have a mindset of experimentation,” says Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass.

This panel will share lessons learned from their experiments and how they instill an innovation philosophy in their organizations.


Rachel Layton | VP of Marketing + Growth | Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

Rachel Layton serves as the Vice President of Marketing + Growth for Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe. She is responsible for building sustainable strategies linked to innovations that drive the strategic growth for the company’s 80+ locations nationwide. Layton oversees the management of the Taziki’s brand, including digital marketing strategies, the local store marketing program, national off-premise initiatives, creative development and agency management, and franchise recruitment strategy. Layton is responsible for managing the marketing fund provided through a contribution from all stores, and for developing all members of the marketing department. Layton guides the vision of the Taziki’s marketing program.

Dave Markey | Associate Creative Director | Cedar Fair Entertainment

Dave Markey leads an in-house creative team for Cedar Fair amusement parks. The team entertains and informs guests across Cedar Fair’s 11 parks through digital signage, SMS, wifi, social media, and hotel TV platforms. Prior to Cedar Fair, Dave enjoyed a career as a freelance filmmaker, contributing to diverse projects for clients such as Marvel, Paramount, MTV, HBO, and P&G.

Brandon Solano | Chief Marketing & Digital Officer | Pei Wei

Brandon Solano has built a reputation as one of the most creative and unconventional marketing leaders in the U.S. foodservice industry. Recruited in May 2017 to serve as Pei Wei’s Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, Brandon spearheaded a multi-media campaign tied to the groundbreaking debut of Wei Better Orange Chicken and Tiger – the brand’s sharp-tongued spokes-animal who has his own Twitter account – which has positioned the brand for significant growth. Prior to joining Pei Wei, Brandon served as Chief Marketing Officer at Wendy’s, where he and his team created the brand’s successful 4 for $4 deal.


Christopher Hall | Managing Director | ICX Association

Christopher Hall is Managing Director of ICX Association. Prior to this position he was managing editor of content for B2B publisher Networld Media Group, and the editor of, the leading news portal for the digital signage industry, covering digital out of-home advertising, digital billboards, experiential digital branding and digital signage hardware, software and displays. An award-winning former newspaper reporter and magazine writer, Christopher is a five-year veteran of the digital signage and kiosk industries who has consulted for and spoken on the digital signage industry sector-wide.

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