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Capturing Connections

As marketers, we constantly strive to build long-lasting connections with our shoppers. In this Era of Experience, we merge insights, artistry and technology to create and sustain these relationships.

This session dives into the minds and behaviors of today’s shoppers. We’ll peel back the layers and reveal how great brands like Levi’s and Polaris use content and technology to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.


Mason Page | EVP Strategic Business Planning | Reflect

Mason Page joined the Reflect team in 2015 and serves as the company’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Business Planning. In his role, he uses research, insights and digital expertise to create strategies that drive our clients’ businesses forward. He’s an expert at understanding business objectives and recommending digital executions that exceed goals and provide a competitive advantage in the market. Once the strategic roadmap is defined and a program is executed, his job isn’t done yet. Mason also measures and analyzes results, enabling him to optimize campaigns to yield the highest results possible.

Lee Summers | CEO | Reflect

Lee Summers serves as Chief Executive Officer of Reflect and is responsible for leading the company into the forefront of the in-store digital media movement. Lee has more than 15 years of customer facing technology and advertising agency experience. His management expertise and creativity make him well-suited to lead Reflect. Prior to joining Reflect, Lee was Manager of Marketing/Technology for the Berkshire Hathaway companies of Nebraska Furniture Mart and Grandscape of Texas where he oversaw all immersive customer engagement and was responsible for the overall direction, resource allocation and operations of Customer Facing digital technology groups throughout all NFM markets.