The Last Word on ICX: Millennials Speak for Themselves

There has been a lot of talk about millennials. Maybe now it’s time to listen to them instead. To this end, we’re bringing in a panel of experts on millennials (i.e., millennials themselves) to speak their mind. A “town hall” moderator will test our assumptions about what this new generation of young adults really wants from a customer experience perspective. Expect to be surprised — and to leave this final summit session with plenty to think about on the way home.


Ed King | VP of Strategy | MaxMedia

Ed King, VP of Strategy at MaxMedia, a retail innovation agency. A student of human behavior and natural storyteller, Ed King has engaged customers for companies like AT&T, The Home Depot, La Quinta, Porsche, Reebok, and Shell by taking a scientific approach to understanding why people act, behave, shop, purchase and remain loyal to certain brands. Ed knows that it takes both data and creativity to craft memorable, meaningful experiences that customers crave. The tools he uses range from the fantastical to the practical, but one thing is for sure…he is the biggest advocate that a consumer could ask for.

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