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Hear testimonials from attendees, speakers and sponsors from CONNECT: The Mobile CX Summit, including Britteny Angotti of Appetize, Shannon Wilburn of Just Between Friends Franchise System, Prakash Karamchandani of Balance Grille, Charnell Landry of Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Corey O’Donnell of Mobivity, and Lee Auerbach of Chatmeter.

It was an amazing experience for me and that is the reason I will come to the next CONNECT Summit.


Charnell Landry, Tropical Smoothie Cafe

I was very impressed. I hadn’t been to a show like this before where each attendee literally has a stake or vested interest in the sessions through participation. We will be back.


Leslie Bryant, Code

This is an event that I think more people need to come to. Five stars across the board. Absolutely, we will be back next year.


Britteny Angotti, Appetize

It was great to be a part of something a bit smaller than most conferences so we could interact and collaborate much more.


MJ Worsham, Roy Rogers Restaurants

I have had the opportunity to learn about mobile from multiple different perspectives. Networking has definitely been the best part of the Summit.


Prakash Karamchandani, Balance Grille

Normally dread conferences as they are so exhausting, but this one only had around 120 attendees and provided the opportunity to actually engage with others as opposed to hundreds of quick elevator pitches.


Sam Deacon, Yelp

The Summit was awesome, great people and great content!


Jacquelyn Cirko, Groupon

Obviously everyone is concerned about the evolution of technology and new things that are coming. So you can just hear in the room the vibe of what’s coming next and how do we quickly adapt to all this change.


Corey O’Donnell, Mobivity

I have had a wonderful time getting to know the vendors and getting to know the other people trying to scale their companies. I learned so much and I’m so glad I came.


Shannon Wilburn, Just Between Friends Franchise System

Hear testimonials from attendees, speakers and sponsors from the 2016 CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit, including Shashank Saxena, Kroger; Erin Levzow, Freebirds World Burrito; Tim Hackbardt, BrandTrip Partners; Brendon Lemon, Vibes; Tim Sparks, Hathway; and Tim Tang, Hughes Network Systems

I love coming to this conference! I’ve come for three years in a row. This conference is one that I set on my calendar. It reenergizes me. It gets me excited. And I get to go back and go ‘Let’s try this,’ or ‘Let’s look at that,’ or ‘This brand is doing this, maybe we should talk about that.’


Erin Levzow, Freebirds World Burrito

It was a great event all around, from the content, to the game, and everything in between!


Douglas Kwong, Cicis Pizza

Thanks for a great event! I will be back next year.


Matthew Townsend, HealthTrust

The keynotes, presentations and other sessions were fantastic. I strongly recommend companies interested in creating or expanding their mobile and consumer engagement strategy attend in the future. You will get tremendous value from the conference.


Kevin Nix, Stellar Loyalty

CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit means an opportunity really to get a lot of insight into what our customers are looking for and really what’s at the cutting edge of mobile today. Because that’s exactly where we want to be.


Brendon Lemon, Vibes

It’s one thing to hear people talk about ideas, read articles, read analysts’ perspectives. But to be able to engage with the practitioners and the people who have to make the decisions and to hear their struggles and to hear what’s going through their design requirements has been extremely valuable. This was our second year coming. Last year was a great experience too. And we are looking forward to next year as well.


Tim Tang, Hughes Network Systems

These are the kind of conferences where you come, you get to meet people, you get to see what’s going on in the industry, you get to connect with peers, you get to hear ideas, you get to discuss, you get to share, you get to learn so much that you go back with a whole new perspective.


Shashank Saxena, Kroger

This is the conference to know what’s happening right now and to find the people to help you make it all happen for your mobile experience.


Tim Hackbardt, BrandTrip Partners

After attending several sessions, keynotes and panels at the CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit, I am excited about the future of mobile. It was a really interesting event.


Jeannie Walters, 360Connexte

Our team had a great time at CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit and we came away inspired and excited to make digital experiences even better for our clients.


Kelly Reiser, PointSource

This conference had the right mix of vendors and brand attendees. The session topics were on point with exactly the messaging that I believe a lot of the vendors are trying to evangelize and what a lot of the brands are trying to learn about.


Tim Sparks, Hathway

Hear testimonials from attendees, speakers and sponsors from the 2015 CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit, including Jennifer Bowser, Allstate; Devon Wright, Turnstyle Solutions; Tcheilly Nunes, Dunkin’ Brands; Nick Fidler, Fiksu; Margie Kupfer, 3Cinteractive; Charlie Larkin, GameStop; and Justin Schaeffer, LevelUp.

CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit has been amazing. I really loved connecting with all of the different people across various industries. I came out of here with two ideas for different partnerships and also a marketing campaign…I will absolutely be back next year.


Jennifer Bowser, Allstate Insurance

My favorite part was definitely the Brain Exchange. Being able to sit at a table with your peers and other folks from the industry talking about a very focused topic and being able to ideate on how we can better solve that as an industry was really, really great.


Charlie Larkin, GameStop

I love the intimacy of it. I’ve had a lot of really great conversations. Being a sales professional, lots of times I have to seek out those conversations, but I found that lots of folks were coming to me trying to understand best practices and what are some of our clients doing. So it’s been a lot of fun.


Nick Fidler, Fiksu

Sponsoring a Brain Exchange table at CONNECT 2014 was a home run for us. The conference was the perfect size and format for cultivating personal connections with merchants we met there. Since then, we have had meaningful conversations with nine restaurant chains that were represented at our table. Three of them are now clients and we are nearing deals with four others.


Jeremy Theisen, Punchh

Great conference!


Cynthia Hofmann, Papa Murphy’s

The Summit was a very productive use of our resources as a sponsor. Being highly focused it had all of the right people in the room, leading to engaging conversations and new business ventures. The panels were informative with a relevant variety of topics and the event itself was well orchestrated. Looking forward to next year!


Chris Hunt, Swrve

We had a great conversation with a group of retailers and restaurateurs…I think it was a really great intimate setting that people could just share ideas and share problems and solutions.


Margie Kupfer, 3Cinteractive

It was a very fantastic conference that put together very key stakeholders in the proximity and mobile marketing space. Buyers and sellers. It was really fantastic.


Devon Wright, Turnstyle Solutions

Highlights and testimonials from the 2014 CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit.

Great event. Lots of great nuggets to build our mobile presence.


Curtis Lund, Taco John’s International

The networking on the side has definitely been incredible.


Eric Buckner, Sears

Extremely beneficial. (The Brain Exchange) taught me numerous ways to utilize mobile messaging, whether it be SMS or MMS. Huge takeaway: the ultimate goal is to have consumers be a part of mobile and email programs. Use mobile to leverage both mediums.


James Winborne, Tony Roma’s

Thank you so much for a great conference. We are so happy to be working with you and your excellent team! The guys had a great experience and have raved a number of times about how perfectly it was orchestrated.


Amy Osborn, Groupon

You pulled together a great roster of speakers and topics. I’m going to recommend the show to any and all mobile marketing clients/vendors I run across who are targeting the retail/restaurant sectors.


Mike McGuire, Gartner

Impressive show. The content and the experts were great. Thank you for letting us sponsor this. Thank you so much!


Neil Sudaisar, DIRECTV

The event I would say was quite a success, and the sessions were super informative!


Deana Boldrey, Brightbox

There’s so many different people from different industries here, in retail and restaurant. That you’re able to come together and be transparent and talk about what’s working for you and what’s not working. And that’s what makes a conference worthwhile.


Erin Levzow, Wingstop

At Home Depot we’re very much focused on mobile as a primary commerce tool for us and ways to connect with our customers. So learning more about how those channels can be more effective for us was really great.


Nathan Tuggle, The Home Depot

The Summit was very informative; provided me with up-to-date knowledge and market trends through some excellent presentations.


Hari Nidamanuri, Sears

I am still busy following up on all the contacts I made at the Summit. Thanks again for such a great show.


David Bloom,

You all put on an incredible event. Great job! We’ll be there again next year for sure!


Mark Tack, Vibes

Great staff, great venue, great participation across the board.


Paul Anderson, Touchpoint