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The Future is Now

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Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit 2019 will feature a breakout session titled “The Future is Now” We asked the panelists for that session to answer this question:

What’s next on the horizon for machine learning and AI-infused experiences?

David Hewitt
Group Vice President

As the tech titans and niche innovators push the possibilities of AI capability, each industry will put in better perspective what it can practically achieve for their business and the customer experience.

The importance of scale and quality of data will rise to inform more accurate and less bias outcomes for predicting customer behavior, defining market targets, and solving dynamic problems like fraud.

More brands in the retail and QSR space will come to the realization that customer experiences have a lot of room to improve through anticipatory insights and contextual triggers. And while enterprise class AI is not a hard dependency for making customer experiences more intelligent, it becomes critical to effectively handle voice driven opportunity.

Christie Rice
Worldwide Digital Signage Segment Manager

Machine learning and AI are opening new doors and enabling new experiences such as unattended stores, more seamless self-checkout, systems that can help with loss prevention, as well as the “easy stuff” like personalizing the in-store experience and natural language processing.

What’s next? The answer to this is only limited by your imagination since the technology is available now to make it happen!

Monica Minford
Senior Director of Digital Marketing
HuHot Mongolian Grill

We’re looking at download rates to ensure our restaurants are communicating the benefits of the HuHot Rewards app, and then measuring incremental sales from the personalized campaigns we push out to app users.

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