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Chat, Chatbots and Conversational Commerce

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CONNECT 2019: The Mobile CX Summit will feature a breakout session titled “Chat, Chatbots and Conversational Commerce” We asked the panelists for that session to answer this question:

How do you create an emotional, and human-like experience with chatbots and chat services?

Zachary Fleming
GM Digital Health
Baylor, Scott & White Health

This is a great question that continues to evolve as the technology meets more consumers every day. At BSWH we aspire to not just create a transactional bot experience but give our various consumers an experience where they feel like they have an assistant at their side. In order to do this effectively, we have taken three steps to make sure we are intentional in delivering this vision:

  1. Leverage the right resources. You will be hard pressed to find someone in the marketplace that is a professional bot designer. We have seen the best fit when working with professionals that have a UX and copywriting background. The biggest mistake I see are companies trying to use IT or other existing resources to build the bots. There is a measurable gap between good and great; quality matters when it comes to designing bots.
  1. Understand your user before you build your bot. You must start with who you are servicing before you can really understand what the most effective persona will be. This is going to sound a bit odd to some but we believe in giving the bots names and even profiles to constantly refer to through the design process. Baby boomers and Millennials do not communicate the same way so why should your bot?
  1. Do not be afraid to use emoticons and natural language if it fits your bot persona. There are some offerings in the marketplace today such as Gyant that believe this is the key and really doubled down. The jury is still out for us but I personally believe that even something as small as saying “Howdy” can completely transform the user experience. Never stop testing and evolving with your consumers!

Brenda Barré
Manager, Mobile and Digital Innovation
Caesars Entertainment

Delivering an authentic and human like experience is key to instilling confidence with your guests that your chatbot can deliver fabulous service and enhance their overall experience.

A few of the best ways to achieve this is through ensuring the verbiage in the programmed responses is conversational in nature as well as having real people available to jump into the conversation and takeover whenever the chatbot doesn’t know the answer.

We have done a great job of blurring the line between when our guests are texting with Ivy the robot versus a real person as guests regularly come to the front desk asking to meet Ivy to thank “her” for the amazing service she provided.

Monica Minford
Senior Director of Digital Marketing
HuHot Mongolian Grill

We’re looking at download rates to ensure our restaurants are communicating the benefits of the HuHot Rewards app, and then measuring incremental sales from the personalized campaigns we push out to app users.

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