The right touch is central to today’s retail customer journey

Touchscreens are at the heart of a clicks-to-bricks customer journey. Customers love going shopping but retailers need to entice them through the door, and make them feel comfortable completing [...]

3 ways to keep the personal touch in brick-and-mortar retail

The news frequently portrays brick-and-mortar retail as on the verge of collapse at the hands of online shopping. However, IHL Group recently conducted a study and found that, contrary to popular [...]

Retail digital signage campaigns 101

One ultimate approach to digital signage will not provide the results you’re hoping for. There is no magic pill, but even though the alternative way is a bit harder, it’s also more [...]

Retailers, payment platforms unveil mobile technologies to raise omnichannel game

For many retailers the holiday shopping season can literally mean the difference between growth and expansion or their ultimate demise. The combination of fierce competition on pricing, the need [...]

What retailers should know before delving into digital signage

Connecting with the consumer is front and center for retailers and customer-centric digital technology is just as critical but it’s way more than just figuring out display location, [...]

Taco Bell delivers interactive digital experiences

Taco Bell’s digital journey boasts a clever and concise name: All Access. But its definition and reach defy its moniker as it’s about giving guests at its 6,875 restaurants an [...]

The right mobile messaging is critical to a brand’s marketing efforts

Mobile messaging is arguably one of the most critical elements of a successful mobile app or marketing approach. If done correctly, mobile messaging can morph into the preferred communication [...]

How Carnival Cruise is taking customer experience to the next level

Imagine directing innovation strategy and technology for what’s viewed as the world’s largest experience enterprise. That’s exactly the role of John Padgett, chief experience [...]

Interactive technologies spanning the retail segment – ICX Summit Session with Microsoft, Sleep Number, and Caliburger

At first glance Microsoft, Sleep Number and Caliburger don’t seem to have much in common except for their individual success in three separate retail segments. But the three retailers do [...]

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