Interactive Customer Experience Association opens nominations for 2019 Elevate Awards

Annual awards honor the individuals and organizations that are pacesetters in using technology to elevate the customer experience. Winners to be announced at ICX Summit in June. LOUISVILLE, Ky. [...]

Looking at the future of indoor digital signage

Digital signage has been rapidly expanding its reach in nearly every market and area, especially indoors. Now, both large and small retailers are using digital signage in greater numbers to [...]

Retail kiosk outlook: 2019 expected to surpass 2018

2018 will go down as a banner year for interactive kiosks, but most industry insiders are expecting 2019 to be even better. Kiosk deployers, manufacturers, integrators and consultants believe the [...]

How to empower your team to transform the customer experience

Employee engagement provides many benefits, from increased productivity to lower turnover, but the most vital for retailers is its capacity to boost customer service and transform experiences. [...]

Customer loyalty: Keeping the relationship alive

Keeping your existing customers happy and loyal is far more valuable than finding brand new buyers. How do we know? The data backs up that it both costs less and the returns are higher when you [...]

The right touch is central to today’s retail customer journey

Touchscreens are at the heart of a clicks-to-bricks customer journey. Customers love going shopping but retailers need to entice them through the door, and make them feel comfortable completing [...]

3 ways to keep the personal touch in brick-and-mortar retail

The news frequently portrays brick-and-mortar retail as on the verge of collapse at the hands of online shopping. However, IHL Group recently conducted a study and found that, contrary to popular [...]

Retail digital signage campaigns 101

One ultimate approach to digital signage will not provide the results you’re hoping for. There is no magic pill, but even though the alternative way is a bit harder, it’s also more [...]

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