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Intelligence & Insights: Using Data to Increase Engagements and Deliver Results

When it comes to data, there is the data you have and the data you wish you had. And then once you have that mountain of data, how do you determine what’s important? In this session, we’ll discuss dashboards and KPIs as well as generating relevant content and offers that ultimately lead to engagement and results. And through it all, the panel will share how to protect your consumers’ privacy so a high level of trust can be maintained.


Steve Chen | Managing Director | Float Hybrid Entertainment

Steve Chen is Managing Director of Float Hybrid Entertainment, a unique interactive experience agency in San Francisco. Steve has been at the forefront of technology and design for the last 25 years. He is driven by the desire to create engaging and immersive experiences for high profile brands. With Float, Steve has had the privilege of working with Microsoft, Whirlpool, Pepsi, General Electric, McDonald’s and Unilever. A hands-on creative director, builder and coder, with a background in architecture and game development – Steve believes the only way to see the future is to make it with your own hands.


Richard Ventura | SVP, Strategy and Solutions Development | NEC Display Solutions of America

Richard Ventura is the Senior Vice President of Strategy for NEC Display Solutions of America’s, overseeing all strategy related activities for the organization. Focusing on leading the development and communications of strategies aimed at evolving the business and driving it forward, while working with the Executive Team to define the vision and direction for the company and establish strategic initiatives that disrupt current and future markets, explore alternative solutions, and result in short and long-term gains. Richard has spent 17+ years within the NEC sales and marketing organizations focusing on display solutions, display technologies, projectors and direct-view LED.

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